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The Historic Village: a diverse community hub

Located on 17th Avenue West, strolling through Tauranga’s Historic Village is like taking a step back into the early Tauranga with its collection of original and replica historic buildings, cobbled streets and lush green gardens. 

Fast-forward to today and The Historic Village is a unique community that offers a multitude of experiences catering to a wide range of people, all in one location. The Village aims to:

  • tell the story of the location’s culture and history in an engaging way
  • provide a vibrant space for festivals, events, markets and activities
  • offer a home to community groups that support the arts, culture and social needs of the community
  • provide access to a diverse range of venues, hospitality and unique and complimentary shopping experiences.

Whether you want to host a meeting, get married, access a community service, have a bite to eat, some retail therapy or simply stroll around to admire the architecture, The Historic Village is the place to be. Don’t miss a walk through the Kopurererua Reserve – only a short distance away, as is the 17th Ave skatepark.

Open seven days a week with free entry, The Historic Village is located on 5.5 hectares of land that is owned and managed by Tauranga City Council.

Read The Historic Village, Strategic Plan


Opening hours

Grounds open 7 days a week, 7.30am – 10pm

Retail stores open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am – 3pm
with some open on Sundays

Office open Monday to Friday, 9am – 3pm

Office is closed public holidays

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